Content of the Endineering Course

    1. Introduction to Chapter 1.

    2. History of endings

    3. History of consumerism

    4. The end gap. Presentation.

    5. The quickening and the tethering (30 mins)

    6. The end gap. Chapter from book. (7 mins)

    7. The end gap. Diagram.

    8. The distancing and the fading (44 mins)

    9. Three stages of the consumer lifecycle

    10. Chapter 1 quiz

    1. Introduction to chapter 2.

    2. The Aim at the end

    3. Psychology at the end

    4. Ends at on-boarding

    5. Ends at on-boarding (23 mins)

    6. The aim at the end (9 mins)

    7. How should it feel? (14 mins)

    8. Chapter 2. Exercise

    9. Chapter 2 Quiz

    1. Introduction to chapter 3

    2. Types of ending

    3. Types of Ending diagram

    4. Types of Ending. Example of how to apply it to your product.

    5. Phases of the end

    6. Phases of the End diagram

    7. Types of endings, chapter from Endineering book. (50 mins)

    8. Phases of the end, chapter from Endineering book. (55 mins)

    1. Introduction to chapter 4.

    2. Transaction types

    3. The Ends Canvas

    4. Measuring the End

    5. Transaction Types (18 mins)

    6. Measurement (25 mins)

    7. The Ends Canvas Template

    8. Legacy Number

    9. Applying the approach

    1. Endineering Case Study: Electrolux

    2. Endineering Case Study: Rapanui Clothing

    3. Endineering Case Study- 3 Denmark

    4. Endineering Case Study: Fairphone

    5. Endineering Case Study: Doconomy

    6. Endineering Case Study: Deposit Return System

    7. Endineering Case Study: Stuffstr

    8. Endineering Case Study: Kia Cars

About this course

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  • 46 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content


Joe Macleod

Head of Endineering

Joe Macleod is founder of the world's first customer ending business. A veteran of product development industry with decades of experience across service, digital and product sectors. Head of Endineering at AndEnd. TEDx Speaker. Wired says “An energetic Englishman, Macleod advises companies on how to game out their endgames. Every product faces a cycle of endings, from breakage to customer burnout to falling behind consumption trends. It's important to plan for each of them. Not all companies do." He is author of the Ends book, that iFixIt called “the best book about consumer e-waste”. And the new book –Endineering, that people are saying “defines and maps out a whole new sub-discipline of study”.