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Ernst & Young
Ellen MacArthur Foundation

“Joe re-wired my brain. It's not often that such a big idea and way of thinking is hiding in plain sight. ”

Graduate Endineer

“Joe's session enlightened me about an entire way of thinking about products and services. ”

Graduate Endineer

““I love that you've identified this missing link.  This is exactly what we need to do if we want to achieve circularity.” ”

Editor of Circularity21

““This workshop was an inspiring call to arms to design for sustainability.””

Conference Talk Attendee

“"Endineering is stunning. It fills a unique gap that extends our collective understanding of consumerism. Previous models fall short, tending view the customer experience in a linear way like a "funnel" or "customer journey." Instead, they're cyclical, as Joe shows us. Once you see this glaring omission, you won't be able to un-see it. Together with his previous book, Ends, Joe has essentially defined and mapped out a whole new sub-discipline. Avoid this book at your own peril."Jim Kalbach. Chief Evangelist at MURAL. Author of Mapping Experiences and JTBD Playbook.”

Jim Kalbach. Chief Evangelist at MURAL. Author of Mapping Experiences and JTBD Playbook.

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Joe Macleod

Head of Endineering

Joe Macleod is founder of the world's first customer ending business. A veteran of product development industry with decades of experience across service, digital and product sectors. Head of Endineering at AndEnd. TEDx Speaker. Wired says “An energetic Englishman, Macleod advises companies on how to game out their endgames. Every product faces a cycle of endings, from breakage to customer burnout to falling behind consumption trends. It's important to plan for each of them. Not all companies do." He is author of the Ends book, that iFixIt called “the best book about consumer e-waste”. And the new book –Endineering, that people are saying “defines and maps out a whole new sub-discipline of study”.